We assist companies with removing the most incentive from their inventory chains through the advanced administration of products.

A significant number of the most energizing open doors have to do with the possibility to make huge walks in security and productivity. Multilingual, multichannel abilities synchronize our tasks to convey a reliable coordinations experience for worldwide companies. The entirety of our customers profit by quicker new businesses, conveyed request the executives and instinctive devices that advise their basic leadership.

We have put resources into world-class innovation to deal with your store network. Our in-house framework incorporates transportation, stock administration, request satisfaction, monetary repayment and online business applications to give you the perceivability and control you need. It joins you to our activities and other specialist providers to help inbound, outbound and reverse logistics. We just interface your framework with our applications utilizing EDI capacities.

We have fully equipped ourselves to support and develop in the present period of 'IT isation' (development in its idea). We, Novelty Logistics has thorough logistics/transportation programming introduced at our different branches all over the world. All the branches are associated with one another by methods for in house developed software and the Internet.

This interconnectivity between the branches and the administrative center guarantees a solid system inside our association and consequently helping in effective activities and legitimate progression of data.

Supply Chain Technologies

By incorporating all exchanging accomplices the production network, we accomplish constant perceivability of stock, order and shipment status. We would then be able to upgrade the distribution network, improve your customer support and create cost reserve funds.

Warehouse Management Technologies

By automating key processes, from inbound products arrival to inventory storage and fulfillment of outbound orders, Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives us closer control of procurement, manufacturing and distribution activities.

E-commerce Initiatives

Customers have alternative of downloading the whole waybill following information – plan the download, These customers can likewise produce and download different reports redid to meet their individual needs.