Healthcare Industry

  • Secure and Time-sensitive Delivery
  • Equipment fixing and maintenance
  • Full spectrum logistics and customs clearance
  • Flexible warehousing and storage

A solid supply chain is the key to maintain a decent supply chain of life medical devices, saving chemicals, protective equipment, pain relief drugs, and vaccines. Novelty offers the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry customized transportation in supply chain management of time-critical items, ensuring prompt customs clearance and delivery from abroad to your door.

Transportation of Medical Equipment

Novelty provides a variety of transportation services necessary for pharmaceuticals, medical components, and equipment. Novelty ensures utmost safety of cargo during transportation and fully complies with the standards of GPP, Good Distribution Practice, international legal norms, and relevant domestic laws when shipping medical components. Novelty helps your company ensure smooth domestic and international supplies of medicines and medical equipment for your customers.

International Cargo Services

Transportation of medical equipment through an accomplished freight management system is an effective and the fastest option for long-distance delivery. Our special containers used for transportation of medicines and medical equipment by sea ensure extra safety for your cargo. Cargo by air comes with considerable capacity allowing price economy when delivering over a longer distance. Novelty offers you’re a comprehensive cargo maintenance system at airports, handling oversized cargo, and delivering cargo directly to the recipient.

Customs Clearance

Novelty allows our expert customs clearance team to handle all compliance verifications, audit assistance for verifications, anti-dumping, import/export customs declarations, free trade agreement, OGD (Other Government Dept) documentations.

Our team understands that companies in the medical and pharma fields require flexible logistics including:

  • Door-to-door & priority services
  • Specializing in transit of chemical and dangerous goods
  • Temperature controlled options
  • Integrating air, sea, road, and rail
  • Online real-time cargo tracking
  • Import, Export and Customs Clearance
  • Forms, Documentation & Labelling requirements

We follow a 'pay as you go' business model for our warehousing and order fulfillment services for the medical industry which is fully supported by our logistics team. Our wide infrastructure is made up of multi-user logistics services throughout the world. This enables us to stock up the medical products and complete orders in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

Healthcare Project Handling

Novelty can help your healthcare organization deal with specialized cargo shipments requiring custom solutions. We can organize dismantling, shipping and restoring your heavy and oversized medical equipment, where required. Our technicians and experts will chart the best route for your specialized logistics movement and ensure timely, secure and cost-effective delivery. Our transparent processes will keep you updated on the cargo in transit.

Packing and Shifting

Novelty brings change to the management techniques and transition planning early on in the project to alleviate concerns, build positive energy and support targeted performance throughout the process of relocation. Our services can be availed for organizational relocation and employee relocations alike.

3PL Services

We have an expert team to handle healthcare cargo as a 3PL service provider. Our expansive network and extensive range of logistics solutions make us a single-stop solution provider for last-mile logistics services.

Including all our expert team of customs brokers and freight forwarders who are specialized in the import and export of medical and healthcare products, we bring trust to you by providing a reliable and cost-effective extension to your supply chain as the situation requires. Novelty ensures that your business maintains its critical supply chain both to and from a multitude of locations across the globe.