Fixing Service

An exclusive team of 800+ skilled and trained technicians, ready to help you with hassle-free furniture or equipment fixing.

  • Skilled & experienced carpenters & technicians
  • Trained, well-behaved & trustable labourers
  • Exclusive fleet for delivery
  • Finest, hassle-free servicing
  • Fixing, repairs & maintenance of furniture & machinery
  • Fulfilling online & offline orders
  • Cash collection facilitated

Are you looking to dismantle or assemble home or office furniture? With a team of more than 800 skilled labourers, Novelty can help you with our exclusive range of fixing services in KSA. We have separate teams of experts comprising of skilled and well-behaved carpenters, efficient supervisors and an exclusive fleet catering to fixing requirements.
For organizations looking for a delivery partner who can also provide fixing services, you’re at the right place. Novelty Logistics have been providing world-class logistics and warehousing services in KSA since 2006.

Home and Office Furniture

For all home and office furniture that needs fixing, assembling or installation, our skilled carpenters with years of expertise in different types of furniture fixing are capable and reliable. We train them exclusively to communicate and behave well with our clients so that you can benefit from their services without any hassles. To ensure your safety as well as your furniture’s security, we screen and train our staff thoroughly. Rest assured of timely delivery and complete fixing of your home furniture in the most cost-effective way with Novelty Logistics Fixing services.

Heavy Home Appliances

Looking to deliver or shift heavy home appliances? Novelty Logistics can help you with dismantling and fixing heavy and out-of-dimension home appliances most safely. Our specialized team of experienced carpenters, expert technicians and an exclusive fleet will help with all sorts of assembling and dismantling of heavy equipment and its safe transportation in the most cost-efficient and hassle-free way.

Kitchen Sets

At Novelty Logistics, our exclusive fleet and a team of 200+ experts in dismantling and assembling complex kitchens will help you move to a new kitchen cost-efficiently. Whether it’s an office pantry or home kitchen, whether you run a restaurant or a small food joint, Novelty Logistics can provide you with world-class fixing services, completing end-to-end logistics and delivery systems.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment often require installation by experts for precision. Sports equipment are mostly bulky and heavy and require a knowledgeable team of technicians, labourers and fleet. We also take care of dismantling, repairing and long-term maintenance of sports equipment.

Bulky Items

We are experts in handling bulky items. Our team is well-equipped with modern machinery and tools for the safe and efficient handling of bulky items. Our experts will assess your requirements carefully and devise the most cost and time-efficient method for bulky equipment fixing and delivery.

Any other equipment that needs fixing

Call our expert fixing team to fix any equipment that you have difficulty in installing or dismantling. Our team will assess your requirement and provide the best solution to resolve your fixing challenge on time.