Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

  • Complex cargo handling
  • Full spectrum transportation and logistics services
  • Scalable and specialized cargo handling
  • Safety and timely delivery assured

Industrial Manufacturing units have a complex requirement of logistics services right from setting up the equipment to raw materials supply chain and product logistics. At Novelty Logistics, we take complete care of all goods transport services, shipment and delivery requirements of manufacturing units using an integrated system that provides a cost-effective solution.

Fixing Services

Novelty fixing services help deliver, install and maintain your manufacturing unit in any part of KSA. Our fixing services are particularly valuable when the requirement for shipment and delivery is unique and remote. Our wide network of local experts will take care of all documentation and permissions required to import/export and domestic transportations.

International Cargo Services

Starting from parts & product movements, production logistics, freight management, logistics for machine parts, and their distribution to transportation of finished goods, Novelty does it all for you. We have been providing services for the industrial manufacturing segment for many years now. Our domain experts ensure complete and safe handling of international cargo requirements.

Warehousing Services

Novelty utilizes FTL/LTL shipments as the critical transportation modes to ensure inbound and outbound movement of finished goods and parts. We provide custom warehousing solutions to our customers with unique shipping and logistics services. We offer effective management of logistics for time and cost-effective warehousing services for manufacturing units.

Customs Clearance

Novelty provides customs clearance of export and import consignments. Our Customs Clearance services encompass of the clearance of capital goods, raw materials, food supplements, steel coils, project import, photographic mini-labs, stationery, furniture, scrap, etc. Novelty excels in offering customs clearance services for global industrial manufacturers. We are capable of dealing in:

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Project Machinery
  • Consumables
  • Raw materials
  • Finished goods
Transport Services

Novelty offers a wide range of services for the transport of raw materials and finished goods by road. We constantly keep investing in the modernization of fleets. By this, we provide our customers with reduced-emission transport chains and this helps us responsibly entertain environment-friendly transportation. You can depend on us for tailor-made, sustainable goods transport services.

Project handling services

Industrial Manufacturing units typically require large and bulky machinery for manufacturing. Our specialized project cargo services will help your organization deal with such specialized cargo movement requirements most effectively. Whether you want to relocate or install oversized or specialized equipment or machinery, Novelty can help you with the right solution ensuring precision and timely completion.

3PL Services

Supply chain and logistics management have important roles in ensuring quality with cost-effective solutions for the manufacturing sector. Third-Party Logistics services from Novelty help you with effective transportation, warehousing, and value-added services. The advantage of Third-Party Logistic adds efficiency in the manufacturing industry.

Novelty takes care of obtaining necessary transport documents, planning space utilization in ships, and the entire processing for imports and exports. We always respond to all your requirements and assist you with every transport solution you require.