3PL Services

Your full spectrum business partner for everything logistics

  • Full spectrum logistics services
  • Fulfilment services encompassing picking, packing, and shipments
  • Technology driven inventory, order, and shipment management
  • Custom Warehousing Services
  • Integrated solutions for ecommerce inventory, order and returns management systems
  • Custom Packaging
  • International Shipping
  • Exclusive Teams
  • Round the clock Customer Service

Novelty provides all-encompassing third-party logistics services to organizations across the world. Our systems and processes enable your business to scale productivity, capacity, and efficiency. We are fully committed to minimize all environmental impacts in our operations. We are committed to ensuring workplace health and safety and assure embedding ESG Policy as a part of our social commitment. We take complete care of your logistics requirements so that you can focus on your business.

We provide exclusively tailor-made 3PL solutions to cater to your specific requirements. We are committed to ensure on-time delivery, safety, predictability, regulatory compliances, and security of your goods. Novelty identifies the optimal solution that best suits your supply chain as a logistics shipping company.

Novelty provides warehouse space, technology, transportation, and staff to execute the logistics process that suits your requirements. Our spectrum of services includes storage and warehousing in all scales and cross-docking facilities as well.

Why Choose Us?

From our experience, we know that the most critical components in Supply Chain Management are clearance and transportation. Our vast local networks are capable of tackling port congestion, limited road networks, myriad of dynamic regulations, and any such geo-specific challenges. Our skilled local resources ensure smooth transit and timely delivery of your goods in the most challenging environments.

We have specialized teams and subsidiaries to handle specific requirements. Each team consist of the domain experts, skilled resources, and the efficient supervisors to cater to specific needs. We offer flexible capacity to manage the transportation of perishable goods in the most professional way.

Novelty is a one-stop solution provider for 3PL services across industries. With vast range of owned assets, cutting-edge supply chain suite, and vast network of local vendors, we have evolved as the largest full spectrum logistics company in KSA catering to multiple industries. We aim to provide best-in-class logistics services for our customers supporting their business. Get in touch with our customer care to explore the possibilities of taking your business global using our expertise and resources.