Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry requires an up-to-date supply of ingredients and speciality gourmet items that have to be carefully shipped globally. There are heavy furniture and equipment to be fixed or moved, at different stages of your hotel operations. Novelty Logistics takes complete care of the specialized transportation and logistics service requirements of the hospitality industry. We engineer systems to ensure smooth delivery of everything you need to the right places. We sincerely want you to focus only on creating an extraordinary experience for your customers and take care of all your logistics needs.

Fixing Services

We offer commercial fixing services for hotels and resorts. We understand how risky it is to maintain your hospitality business running at high performance around the year. Starting from delivering the speciality bulb intact to installing crown molding, we are ready to help you with anything.

Cargo Services

Novelty provides a fast and flexible logistics service for the hospitality sector. We are also capable of doing specially designed freight management services to keep your events running efficiently and meet the diverse needs of your hotel. We are available day and night with services for you and available across the world.

Customs Clearance

Novelty has a strategic team, partnerships with a worldwide network of offices, and service providers who assist you with understanding local import and export documentation requirements. Novelty also collaborates with local customs brokers on behalf of our clients. This eliminates the challenges associated with customs, preventing additional storage costs by ensuring project cargo arrives at the warehouse on schedule time.

Warehousing Service

We provide warehousing and distribution services for the hospitality sector. We have a fully specialized team for managing the transportation of supply chains. Novelty is a part of a network of vetted logistics experts who help you with deliveries worldwide. We ensure you that valuable assets arrive on-time and intact.

Transport Services

Novelty is always committed to helping with goods carrier transport options for the hospitality sector. With a focussed approach towards logistics, we help you to grow your business without getting interrupted. We map transport services according to your industry needs.

Project Handling

We help you dismantle, move and install heavy equipment and oversized cargo anywhere across the globe. Our team of experts have local networks working relentlessly to clearing all the local documentations and legalities to complete your consignment on time in the most cost-effective manner.

Packing and Shifting

Novelty provides a hassle-free tailor-made hotel and restaurant shifting services to meet the unique needs of your industry. Our hospitality domain experts will provide you with a customized logistics plan to suit your specific needs. Novelty manages all elements of the supply chain by maintaining contact with all vendors throughout the project to ensure its successful completion.

3PL Services

Novelty understands the challenges faced by hospitality industries. We help you in minimizing the cost of sale with maintained levels of services. Providing all door-to-door services, Novelty could be your first choice for 3PL services.

Our team works with developers, owners, management, purchasing managers, and contractors in the hospitality industry to breakdown all the risks so that you can run your hotel or resort successfully.