Customs Clearance Delivery Services

All your Import and Export Processes Simplified

  • Full spectrum customs clearance and logistics services
  • Experienced professionals ensuring cost-efficient and timely completion of processes
  • End-to-end coordination with the shipper, transporter, airline, agents etc
  • Import Customs Clearance
  • Export Customs clearance
  • Scalable, flexible and customized solutions provided
  • Complete documentation, processing, and procurement handled
  • Commercial and Personal shipments handled

Our professionally experienced team at Novelty Logistics helps you with clearing your goods quickly and efficiently using a completely automated customs clearance network. We act on behalf of your organization as a partner concern, taking complete responsibility for your customs clearance challenges. Our expert team is capable of handling the most complicated challenges across industries so that your goods reach their intended destinations on time.

Novelty Logistics has evolved as the most trustworthy organization in KSA to offer international logistics and transportation services offering world-class Custom Clearing Services. We always aspire to enhance our client's delight by offering them the right solution at the correct time. We also have reinstated door to door pickup and delivery services for both domestic and international services offering goods carrier transport to the customers. Novelty handles all needed permit requirements for both imported and exported goods. Together with this, we also provide needed advice on any products requirements or non-tariff barriers.

We dedicatedly offer the following Import Customs Clearance solutions to our customers:

Import Customs Clearance

  • Delivery to the destination
  • Processing the customs clearance
  • Assessment
  • Customs examination
  • HSN classification
  • Rate of duty
  • Preparation of bills of entry
  • Obtaining customs clearance and arranging dispatch

Export Customs clearance

  • Handling over international carriers
  • Receipt of goods
  • Measurement
  • Weighing and also marking
  • Labelling processing customs clearance
  • Shipping bill preparation
  • Classification for drawback
  • DEPB or DEEC
  • Customs examination and clearance

We also provide additional services such as:

Goods Classification

We make it easier for you to follow the universal HS code system, tariffs, and other taxes. Call our customs experts and verify that the HS code that you have chosen is correct.

Customs at Origin & Destination

Book imports and avail door to door shipments that also include customs clearance with Novelty Logistics.

Geo-specific rules and customs procedures

We take care of all geo-specific customs clearance procedures. Our team stays up-to-date.

CFS Services

Avail our Container or Cargo Freight Station services for international air freight cargo to consolidate or deconsolidate your goods to align for further transit.

With Novelty Logistics as your partner shipping and forwarding company, our expert team will make sure that each of your supplier is in sync with the others, ensuring that your shipment reaches on time. At Novelty, we offer door-to-door fully sorted transport management services for the customers. The provision of such effortless logistic services from our side for both commercial and personal shipment makes Novelty the ideal choice for your customs clearance and delivery services. We also offer comprehensive value-added solutions where your organization needs them along with our standard delivery services.