Project Handling Services

Customized solutions from pin to plane

  • Real-time track and trace with reporting
  • Customs clearance
  • Site inspection and project planning
  • Route surveys and local sanctions
  • Final delivery with a completion report

Novelty helps you with world-class full spectrum project handling services to cater to your organization’s unique and specific requirements. Whether you are in need of transporting, delivering or installing out-of-dimension, hazardous, perishable, bulky or any other specialized cargo, Novelty Logistics can help you overcome the challenges quite easily. We start by conducting route surveys to check the feasibility of the project. We have a team of locals to deal with the groundwork who conduct route surveys and get all required permissions for the smooth transit of your cargo. This enables us to prepare and execute the project efficiently. With our expertise and experience, we can help you devise the most cost-efficient way to ensure timely delivery of your specialized cargo.

Why Choose Us?

Ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your specialized cargo remains our top priority. You will be further supplemented with a strategic network that guarantees you access to the best services that enable ship secure logistics. Our risk management team works hand-in-hand with our local network to take care of any possible contingencies. Novelty ensures that we are always prepared for uncertainties, thus making our freight forwarding and management services all-encompassing, with seamless execution.

Novelty offers solutions for transport, handling, shipping, and installation of heavy indivisible items. We understand the significance of handling heavy lift projects and that it requires care, professional expertise, and detailing. We charter the best combination of aircraft and vessels to take your cargo to your desired destination in the safest, timely and the most economical way.

We have resources in shipping and logistics and expertise to help you transport anything across the world irrespective of its weight and size. Whether it is by air, sea, rail, or road we provide you the needed assistance to achieve your deadlines within your desired budget.

Our project handling team will take complete care of everything required to accomplish the target. Our team has exclusive networks to handle local traffic challenges, documentations, permissions, technicians for dismantling and assembling and everything required to complete the delivery process. That is, for instance, if you have your new factory being built and the whole machinery and accessories are to be transported for installation, we are all set to take charge of the whole process.

Our extensive experience in transport logistics helps our team to complete an entire shipment.

Our Key Features:
Turn your heavy projects light

We have an exclusive team handling Cargo Logistics for heavy lift and out of dimension shipments. Our local networks have a thorough understanding of handling cargoes with customs, ports, and transport agencies etc. We also offer technical engineering services to manage all the projects completely from beginning to end. If you have any specific concerns or requirements, please talk to our project handling experts to understand how we can resolve your challenges cost-effectively.

Minimum cost-efficient delivery

Novelty has, over the years, managed to complete several high-valued specialized goods transport services that our customers have appreciated. No matter where the destination is, our team handles each consignment in a customized manner for you. We will provide you with the most cost-efficient route map after considering all possible contingencies with the help of our local networks. We never fail to give our partners a competitive service with the help of a good rapport with liners and break-bulk operators.

Novelty specializes in providing a full spectrum of logistics and customs clearance services for our customers. With an utmost dedication to quality, we assure you of the highest standards for all the services that we provide. All our solutions are competitively priced, secure, effective, flexible, and time-efficient.