Warehousing Storage Services

Customized Warehouse Solutions to optimise your operations & costs

  • More than 100,000 m2 of warehouse space in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Tie-ups with third-party warehouses for extended coverage
  • Over 15 years’ expertise in providing warehousing solution
  • Proven track record in retail, pharmaceutical, health care, petrochemical, oil & gas storage & handling.
  • Ready to go: SFDA, MODON, and Civil Defense approvals are all in place.
  • ISO-Certified Warehouses

Novelty delivers exceptional customer service through completely responsible customer teams, dedicated individuals operating in an exceedingly hard-working culture with worldwide footprint as a global shipping and logistics company. Novelty optimizes the packaging to reduce the transportation cost and total carbon footprint for sustainability.

We have our expanded network ready to facilitate the handling of your supply chain no matter what your warehousing needs are. We have merged warehousing with shipping to benefit you a logical end-to-end solution even if you have minimal logistic requirements. At Novelty, we have also taken steps to reduce the complexity, helping you gain control, speed and visibility.

What we Offer

Novelty Logistics recognises warehousing as one of the most critical elements in the transportation of supply chain management. With the expansion of our networking community, we make sure that we enhance all the needed facilities by providing systematically upgraded processes. Warehousing is one such service that marks the proficiency of our company. Thanks to our warehouses that offer flexible storage options, we can cater to your short-term as well as long-term storage requirements. We can effectively manage all your stocks and get your orders easily dispatched to your customers on time. Our warehouse designs enable efficient multi-tenant, multi-location warehousing. This aids the clients to scale their operations quickly and flexibly. Our established warehouse management system is unified with all courier partners and other major demand channels.

We ensure excellent professional coordination at our warehouses. Our warehouses have top-notch storage facilities and reinforced cutting-edge inventories, which are set up at prominent international airports. Novelty always maintains its exceptional standard and remains a class apart.

With more years of experience in packaging and logistics transportation services, Novelty offers you unique solutions to address your industry’s logistics flow. We value all your requirements whether it is small or large, equally.

Warehousing Services customized for your organization

Novelty offers a complete range of warehouse services that take care of all your needs. We receive, store, ship and track your products. We ensure safety, full control and hassle-free operations for the products in our warehouse. We keep track of every stock movement and storage of materials in our warehouse and your supply chain. We offer you a set of packaging services so that you can focus on your core business and grow.


Free up the capital for transportation costs in logistics and flawlessly focus only on your core business with our warehouse management system.

End to end Tracking

All your items are tracked end to end. We let you know when your products leave the warehouse and when they will be arriving. This gives you full control and transparency over your supply chain.

Complete Control

Keep control of all your items and packaging through IoT platforms. Simultaneously focus on all your resources on your core business.

Warehouse Facilities

Keep control of all your items and packaging through IoT platforms. Simultaneously focus on all your resources on your core business.

  • Total security to protect the stored products from fire and theft.
  • Extensive access to cost-effective transportation solutions for moving products.
  • Rack and shelving systems that provide maximum storage capacity and easy product access.
  • Climate control system to bring long-lasting preservation for the product being stored.
  • Inventory control software.
  • Modern Equipment to move any type and all sizes of products
  • Professional warehouse team to handle goods with care to keep them intact & impervious to any kind of damage.