Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

  • Timely Delivery
  • Freshness Retained
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Additional Safety Provided
  • Faster Delivery for Perishable Goods

In the food and beverage industry, efficiency and timely delivery play a vital role to successful supply chain management. A strategic plan will help in minimizing waste and risk but to enhance the existing systems, it is important to implement tactical measures as well. In order to ensure quality, diminish risk, and drive competitive advantage, the food and beverage companies actively participate in planning transport logistics measures. Novelty, with its decade and a half long experience in logistics, can offer the best and comprehensive logistics solutions for the Food and Beverages Industry.

Fixing services

The straightforward task of maintaining all the equipment together often leads to a logistical nightmare that in fact farms out components to different speciality repair shops meeting the capabilities, quality, pricing and turnaround time. Novelty is your single-stop full-service logistics and fixing service provider for food and beverage processing companies.

International Cargo Services

The hardest challenges in the food and beverage industry are ensuring the quality of a product. It should be made sure that your freight management is dealt on time and arrives fresh. Novelty ensures expert temperature-controlled transport and logistics service that assures that your cargo gets delivered at the right time.

Warehouse Services

The warehouse is always the key component in food manufacturing supply chains. Novelty allows you to switch to smart warehousing systems making sure your business stay in demand. We make it easy for food business owners to overcome their storage and warehousing challenges. This helps them to keep up with the latest food trends.

Transportation Services

Novelty has a network of partners that takes lead of market for shipping. We assure delivery to almost anywhere around. This makes our customers convenient to maintain their product quality, condition and freshness upon arrival. Novelty provides the fastest delivery timetables for food and beverage industry.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance for F&B involves complex requirements. Novelty helps you to sort all the multiple requirements, compliances, documentation and formalities from each of the different departments.

Packing and Shifting Services

In food and beverage industry, in order to manage shipping costs, they often stock the products at the warehouse. Novelty provides the needed steps in the supply chain to separate and repack the goods for shipments to huge boxes with appropriate labels and branding.

Project Handling Services

We understand the complexities in the logistics of food and beverages. You require onsite knowledgeable guidance for both complicated food and beverage supply chains. Our project handling services ensures high level of care, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

3PL Services

Novelty is always prepared to provide extraordinary logistic and transport management services helping you to grow the consumer demand of food and beverages. We follow the importance of quality control within the industry and so we provide end-to-end services ensuring all products are handled at their optimum temperature.

We keep in mind the importance of maintaining freshness and safety of all the food products and beverages. Thus, we at Novelty offers standardized logistics services to ensure boosting of your company’s reputation. Our approach to temperature-controlled shipping with real time inventory visibility and tracking turns us to being the best.