Other Industries

Other Industries

Managing Constant Flow of Supply Chain Cost-effectively
  • Full-spectrum Logistics and Warehousing services
  • Last-mile delivery and fixing services
  • Technology-aided tailormade solutions
  • Transparent real-time tracking
  • Furniture Fixing and Machinery Assembling
  • OOD and Project Handling

Novelty Logistics has been providing valuable logistics, transportation and supply chain management services to Oil and Petroleum, Chemical and Dangerous Goods, Aerospace, Hi-tech and Energy industries since 2006. We provide tailor-made services and solutions to ensure that you benefit the most from us.

Oil & Petroleum

Logistics and supply chain management in the oil and petroleum industry is challenging in multiple ways. The transportation is risky and deliveries have to be timely and cost-effective. The supply chain consists of a long link right from the point of exploration to its end-users or consumers. There’s expansive machinery to be moved and maintained which requires skilled technicians. Transportation requires vehicle access to remote areas. Novelty Logistics have been providing undeterred supply chain logistics services to the oil and petroleum industry ensuring safety, cost-effectiveness, outreach and scalability. We cover every minute aspect required in the end-to-end flow of materials and end products in the oil and petroleum industry. We coordinate with all parties involved and take care of complete documentation formalities to ensure timely deliveries.

Chemicals & Dangerous Goods

Transportation of hazardous goods and chemicals is yet another challenging aspect that Novelty Logistics undertakes with precision and cost-effectiveness. We can help you transport your chemicals and hazardous goods, as authorized by the respective locations’ government mandates, by road, rail, air or sea anywhere across the globe. We are well-equipped to undertake all responsibilities to complete the delivery of such substances on time without compromising on safety standards. Our operations are always in compliance with complete regulatory requirements. We have a specialized fleet for long-distance transportation of chemicals and hazardous goods. We use stringent safety measures and high-quality protective gear when dealing with hazardous goods. Our staffs are well-trained in the safety standards to be followed while handling hazardous goods. Our warehouses are safe and well-equipped to store such goods under any circumstance. Our operations and processes are digitized to ensure real-time tracking and reduce human error.


Novelty Logistics is a well-networked and safe logistics partner providing tailormade logistics and supply chain solutions for the Aerospace industry. We know that your requirements are unique and hi-tech and everything needs to be handled with utmost care. From oversized cargo handling to reaching out to far and remote spaces, Novelty has been taking good care of the supply chain for the Aerospace industry for years and we’re well-versed with the nitty-gritty of the industry. We’re pioneers in providing tailormade logistics solutions for Aerospace companies to ensure cost-effectiveness. We use technology to keep our processes and tracking transparent. Our integrated systems ensure that your goods and cargo are on time and take the most cost-efficient route. You can trust Novelty for your short-term and long-term transportation, logistics, fixing, supply chain and 3PL requirements.


The hi-tech industry relies heavily on the timely supply of high-value raw materials whose prices vary rapidly. Time is of the essence for hi-tech organizations to keep the costs in check. Novelty Logistics strives to ensure a continuous and consistent flow of materials to hi-tech companies providing them with a full gamut of supply chain and logistics services. We have a large team of skilled and experienced technicians who can deliver and install or assemble the hi-tech devices at your client premises safely. Our processes are well-streamlined and integrated to ensure the continuous flow of materials which is essential for the hi-tech industry. We know how sensitive your products are and hence we provide specialized and safe transportation options to make sure your goods reach customers intact and on time. We take care of all compliance matters to ensure a smooth flow of goods.


For the energy industry, Novelty Logistics provides an exclusive fleet to handle their logistics and supply chain requirements. We know that you have special equipment and oversized cargo to be moved and cannot afford any damages. Novelty has an exclusive team of 800+ skilled technicians who are trained and capable of fixing the most complicated installations which come in handy for the energy industry. We handle geographical shipping regulations across the globe for a hassle-free and uninterrupted movement of items in transit. Our integrated system ensures the safest and most cost-effective routes. We also take care of your storage and all end-to-end challenges in pick up, transit, delivery and installation of your equipment.

Being all-rounders in providing end-to-end logistics and supply chain, Novelty Logistics is your right partner to ensure timely, safe and cost-effective deliveries. We have gained trust over years, providing undeterred services to our clients. Our tailor-made solutions have proven their worth for our clients. Please get in touch with our representatives or request a quote to know how Novelty Logistics can change the way you move your business.