INternational Cargo Services

Taking Your Goods Across the Globe

  • Full Truck Load (FTL)
  • Partial Truck Load (LTL)
  • Bulk Transportation
  • Container Terminal Operations
  • Express Transport
  • Liquid & Solid Chemical Transportation
  • Door to Door Delivery
  • Cross Docking & Distribution
  • Lowbed Trucking
  • Flatbed Trucking
  • ISO Tanks

At Novelty, we understand that at some point, your goods will have to travel by land to reach their destination. We offer a diverse range of services that ensures timely transportation of goods by truck. This will help you get your goods transported to the places they need to be even if they are outsized project cargo, an international shipment for local retail distribution and delivery.

Across the globe, we own an exclusive fleet of specialized trucks, general cargo carriers, and lorries. All the transport services that Novelty provides will meet the highest standards set by our professional team by using our fleet and drivers or with the collaboration of trusted partners.

Why Choose Us

We bring to you an efficient and satisfactory experience in moving your goods from one place to another. Novelty takes strict control to detail. We are capable of all types of cargo transport including door-to-door services.

Novelty prides itself on providing reliable and fast shipments across all the regions. We can deliver anywhere with vast geographical coverage and this directly provides us with a competitive advantage in the services that we offer. We have always prioritized on becoming the premium international transport company in the region that we are now. We provide a full spectrum of services including warehousing, fixing and door-to-door delivery to make sure that all your cargo movements are executed in the safest and the most cost-efficient way.

Full Truck Load

We are fully capable of providing regular Full Truck Load services based on your requirements. Our processes are transparent and cost-effective so that you can keep track of your cargo throughout its journey. You can count on Novelty any time to make deliveries at right time at each time thanks to our vast fleet and an experienced team of professionals keeping track of every packet in transit.


For deliveries that require more attention and that are time-sensitive and “Less-Than-Truckload,” Novelty helps you get your shipment to the destinations much faster and efficiently. Novelty is capable of undertaking all your cargo moving and logistics requirements. We have an extensive fleet and experienced professionals well-trained to handle goods in transit and delivery to ensure timely and safe delivery.

Last-mile delivery services

When the speed of the delivery of your goods is critical, trust Novelty as your last-mile delivery partner. For time-critical deliveries, our exclusive fleet and experience prove more cost-efficient than ever. We assure the fastest delivery without affecting your goods’ safety and increasing the cost of delivery. We achieve this through our extensive experience in handling goods, timely delivery and a vast network of warehouses.

We offer a comprehensive range of domestic land transport services. With our experience and expertise, we also undertake special projects that require out=of-the-box solutions as well. We undertake Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truck Load (LTL) shipping with the highest standards and cost-effectiveness. We strive to be your first choice for all your logistics transportation services in the long term. Our service experts will take care of your cargo from your doorstep to the destination, giving you peace of mind throughout the process so that you can focus on your core business.