Container Yard Operations

One-stop-solution for accommodating your containers with yard planning systems and break-bulk handling

  • Import container flow
  • Export container flow
  • 24 x 7 operations
  • Short and long-term container storage
  • Multi-user commercial facility
  • Complete spectrum of logistics services
  • Available at all KSA Seaports
  • Custom services
  • Full security for your goods
  • Real-time tracking

Novelty Logistics provides 24*7 access to store the discharged containers in the shortest time frame. We have our expert team to initiate the facility to book containers and provide yards that are suitable to store containers both on a short and long-term basis. We offer a multi-user commercial facility, full-service with strategic locations and industry-leading liners to our customers which includes large container shipping lines. Our facilities can store multiple containers at the same time in and around all seaports in KSA. You can also avail our facilities to move them to the required destinations according to your convenience.

Export Container Operations

We initiate to book a full or partial container space based on the requirement soon after the shipping is requested by our customers. Our team picks up the goods and we load the cargo into the container at our warehouse so that the loaded containers could be transported to the required terminal. The container is then passed on to a specified location within the yard. We pick up the container from the chassis using transfer carefully and store it in the yard till the ship arrives at the port. After the arrival of the ship, we instantly transport your containers by transfer the crane and load them into the ship. We follow a disciplined arrangement for keeping the containers safe and secured.

Import Container Operations

If your containers are to be imported, we provide a temporary storage facility at the yard. At Novelty Logistics, we help you to complete the delivery process after a final check on the containers at the out-gate to ensure that there is no damage. We always handle each customer’s cargo in a secure and careful manner at our terminals with utmost attention to detail. In case required, we also provide additional storage and last-mile delivery of the goods at the desired destination.

Customized Container Yard Monitoring

We provide customised contain yard services including monitoring services based on your requirements. We take care of providing data on the availability of space for storing incoming containers, information on stack positions and available locations at all times for all containers to facilitate movement of the cargo for shipment and land transport. We also undertake direct monitoring of the movement and position of the container with theft detection and prevention. Customs inspection of the containers with direct coupling to the manifest of shipment also come under our purview. We ensure maximum elimination of human errors in data entries and periodic inventory checking with automatic billing based on the storage history. We also provide a detailed information with alerts for containers that have been in the yard over a specified period. We have ensured GPS for the real-time location of containers. You can rest assured of a detailed movement history and auditable records for both the shippers and the port management.

Machinery and Equipment

Novelty Logistics is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment required for container yard operations. This will make sure that your goods are safely loaded/unloaded and transferred to the ship or yard by our experienced personnel. Our integrated systems will provide the exact location available for storing your containers so that it can be transported without delay.