Last Mile Delivery

Experience world-class last-mile logistics services with our highly flourished network across KSA.

Experience world-class last-mile logistics services with our highly flourished network across KSA.
  • Vast area coverage
  • A fully integrated process to ensure precision
  • Quick and on-time delivery
  • Scalable and Flexible service options
  • Efficient shipping and delivery
  • Unpacking, assembly and installation

Novelty logistics offers your business the best last-mile delivery services with quick and on-time delivery ensured. We have an excellent network of logistics and warehouses across KSA to make sure that your goods are delivered on time anywhere in KSA. With fully integrated and digitized processes, we can assure you of the most precise and cost-effective services.

Novelty can handle all scales of deliveries as we have a vast network of fleet and delivery personnel stationed across KSA. We ensure that your goods reach your customers intact and on time without compromising on quality. Our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure will let you keep complete track of your goods in transit. We also undertake cash handling where required. We assure you the best quality services so that you can enjoy higher profit margins and utmost customer satisfaction.

Our expert team helps you in covering the end-to-end journey of last-mile that ensures an optimized delivery execution plan with the best coordination. From dispatching to driver’s cabin to your customer’s place, we will take complete care of your goods.

Optimal Route Selection

With our integrated systems, digitized processes and expertise, we can ensure the most optimal route to deliver your goods to your customer in the most cost-effective way ensuring timely delivery.

End-to-end Delivery Tracking

You and your customer can track your goods in transit in real-time and rest assured of the delivery. Our integrated systems will contain all information from the moment we collect it from the source till it reaches the destination. This also lets you quickly track and report any discrepancy on time so that we can take corrective measures without delay.

Cash Handling

If your delivery requires payment at the destination, we shall collect and remit it on your behalf. Our agents are reliable and well-behaved and will ensure safe delivery and remittance of money collected.

Proof of Delivery

We collect and submit digital and/or physical proof of delivery so that you can rest assured. We provide flexibility to report any issues related to any returned, not delivered, and damaged goods. We collate and share the proof of delivery with our clients either in real-time or on the same day.

Unpacking and Assembly/Installation

Our integrated processes also include unpacking and assembly or installation at your client’s place if there’s a need. Please check out our fixing services section to know more about how Novelty can add value to your business with an exclusive fleet and team for fixing services.

Reports and Analytics

Our customers can access the reports and analytics for all deliveries to optimize their operations and cut down your costs.