Customs Clearance

As we specialise in undertaking international logistic projects, we are well aware of the situations and challenges that may arise in cross-border transportation, irrespective of the mode of transport. To maintain a stronghold in the segment, we repeatedly reform our processes, and introduce value additions.

Our team seldom fails in facilitating trouble-free customs processes such as customs clearance, brokerage and compliance services. Starting from customs clearance for both export and import of shipments to declarations, invoices and certificates of origin, customs regulations, bond requirements, duty rates, and petition and protest procedures, we provide the expertise in handling all aspects of customs processes to help you with a completely synchronized facility. And, to ensure an undeterred flow of international trade and transport, Novelty Logistics supports and abides by the global customs regulations combined with detailed understanding of possibilities as well as restrictions in the process.

Our customs clearance services are available throughout the entire range of ports in Saudi Arabia.