Novelty logistics began its operation in 2006, but in the name BRF logistics. Later, as the outfit got tied up with a Dubai-based business team, it was renamed as Rajab logistics KSA. It reached new heights just within a few years, by means of dedicated efforts and strategic brilliance. Then came some key changes in the structure of the organization and vigorous steps were taken in terms of global business expansion. Eventually, the name Rajab made way for ‘Novelty’ and the new avatar now is a limited liability company (LLC) with operations across the length and breadth of Middle East China and India. In KSA, the company has its head office in Jeddah and branches set up in Riyadh, Dammam and Abaha with operation across KSA.

Novelty Logistics has emerged as a widely preferred one-stop solution for complex global transportation and logistics services, owing it to the extensive, internationally oriented range of services in global freight forwarding by land, sea and air. Given the strengths of Novelty in the entire range of logistics sectors, it is not surprising that several customers find it as one of the most trustworthy 3PL companies in this part of the world.

To cater to the specific needs of each of our customers, the solutions we provide are versatile in nature. And to ensure safe delivery, Novelty logistics, in collaboration with our domestic and international forwarding partners, streamline the product transport flow by enhancing the logistics required in product manufacturing processes and distribution. We strive to explore new, improved means of serving our customers and are always keen on finding smart ways of maintaining cost efficiency by combining different modes of transportation without compromising on the quality in terms of speed, capacity and environmental aspects.


  • Expertise in managing both export and import.
  • Customized and versatile logistics solutions catering to specific needs.
  • European & global network of door to door services with major overseas partners.
  • Purpose-oriented, customs-controlled freight terminals throughout Saudi Arabia.
  • Flexible multi-modal facility for FCL/LCL deep-sea services combined with Air Cargo and Overland network.
  • Convenient routing of Far East, European and American transit cargo into Saudi Arabia.
  • Stock control and warehousing/distribution programs as well as track and trace systems for meeting the import /export related needs.